white label 1There’s a lot that needs to get done these days. Business owners and managers are constantly running around at top speed trying to complete their work. Sometimes things get really out of control, and other times there’s just a few basic things that need to get done but they take too much time. In particular, some small business owners need their projects completed so they can start running their company again.

Many white label companies exist to take the work off your hands while letting you take the credit. There are so many out there, but here’s a few types of projects you can get done through a white label company.

Web Design

High quality white label web designers are rare, and often the ones that are affordable don’t end up meeting your specifications. When looking to outsource a web design project, a white label company may be what you need. A team of expert web designers will be handy to take on your project, meet and exceed your expectations, and let you keep the credit when you hand the finished website to your client.

Mobile Applications

 You’re trying to give your client an awesome new game, or an app that tracks your calorie count. Maybe your client’s requesting an interactive mobile app that helps you manage stress in the workplace. Whatever the stress point is, a mobile application built by a white label company might work for you. A ready to go application will be completed without you having to spend your own time, and your employee’s time, building something that could be outsourced. As with all white labels, you’ll have full rights to put your brand on the product once it’s done.


 Good copywriting is about persuasion, and often times it’s difficult to find a credible freelancer or in-house copywriter that can meet your needs. White label agencies that offer copywriting are staffed with credible and professional writers that can get your job done. Without having to touch a thing, you can pass off a stack of “about” pages you need to complete for clients, or a handful of blog posts that need to be organized and back-linked.

Web Applications

 Similar to mobile applications white labels, there exist companies that work specifically on web applications. Whether your client wants you to develop an app they can sync all their employees to or they’re pressing you to develop the next Evernote, a white label can take it all off your hands. They’ll work to your specifications to develop a web application you can call your own, and give to your client with confidence.


 Having a wordpress theme done by a white label company allows you to tackle other projects you have on the go. Without having to go through the rigorous process of wire framing, building your own theme, and testing everything, a white label can deliver your product to you with your full rights attached. Most allow you to be able to customize every single element of your site easily, and put your name on it (no more “this site is run by wordpress”) smeared across the bottom of your client’s home pages. It’s yours, and you worked smart to earn it.

If you work smart, and outsource some of your client’s projects to one or more of these options, you’ll have a lot less on your mind. You’ll have a lot more time to devote to your business, and doing the most important work.

It can be really difficult to get everything done when your mind’s going 100 miles per hour. Get in contact with us at Scepter Marketing to find out how we can help you with your project!