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Web Development

Our portfolio speaks to the magic we can make happen on the web. From idea conception to implementation, we will walk with you the whole way.


Partnering With Start Ups

Big ideas don't always need big capital. Learn about how we are helping entrepreneurs forge their way into the world wide web.


Web Marketing

Our ever expanding network of relationships allows us to get products, services, and ideas in front of the right people.


WordPress Tools

Some of the websites we've built are quite popular among the WP community. If you haven't run across them yet, chances are good that you will soon.


Odd Jobs

Sometimes all you need is a quick fix or a bit of cleanup to make your site shine. Let us help you with your small projects and fixes.


The Scepter Labs

Underneath Scepter tower, our mad scientists and code monkeys are always coming up with new ideas. You can check them out here.


Our Brands

Our projects provide products and services to tens of thousands of people on the web. While most of them provide solutions to the WordPress community, we also have a few other projects that aim to provide services to entrepreneurs, small businesses, and start ups.
Some marks of achievement include:

  • Generated Almost $50,000 in Affiliate Revenue
  • Over 25,000 Items Listed in WP Directories
  • Projects Viewed by 10,000+ Visitors Every Month
  • We Run or Maintain over 50 Websites

Our Partners

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About Us

Scepter Marketing was started by founder Matt Hall in 2010 with the goal of creating effective, affordable solutions for marketing products and services on the internet.

Now, in 2014, Scepter has expanded our reach through several partnerships to service small businesses, non-profits, entrepreneurs, and start-ups. We also provide WordPress themes, plugins, and services to the WP community.