Your Blog Title and Description

Included with the blog settings, is the option to change the colours of your main site title (which is green by default) and the site description (caption).


When you click in each colour field, you get a colour selector popup window which lets you choose the colours you want. When you made your choice, you click outside of the colour selector and then click SAVE.


Logos Instead of a Text Based Title

The Zen Theme comes with a predefined concept and doesn’t really provide the ability to easily add a company logo. If you are proficient with html and css, you can modify the theme’s header.php file and the style.css file. You may need to make adjustments to the menu wrapper, as well the title and description containers.

Basically, this theme is meant to use the text format for the title and description field. The title will be found in your WP admin settings:

  1. Log into your admin and go to: Settings >> General
  2. Change the site title
  3. Change the Tagline (description caption)
  4. Click SAVE
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