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Your WordPress Experts, Designers, and Developers

You’ve made a good decision by choosing to use WordPress for your website! WordPress is easy to use, easy to update, and has a lot of features already built in. However, if you need a custom wordpress theme¬†created or your current theme customized or re-designed, we can help. We can help you with almost anything under the sun including design and/or development.

Custom WordPress Design

Maybe you found a theme you like but you just want to change the design or layout a bit? Or maybe you love the layout but want to change the colors or have your own logo created? We can help you with that. We are experts in designing both designing logos and WordPress layouts and we want to work with you. Contact us today for a free quote. We’re sure we can work with your budget!

Custom WordPress Development

This is the perfect option for you if you love using WordPress but need extra functionality that doesn’t come standard in WordPress. While WordPress is a great system, sometimes you just need a little more. Adding page templates, customized forms, or additional types of functionality is right up our alley and we would love to work with you on your project! Just contact us today with the details of what you need and we’ll give you a quote for free.

Customizable WordPress Themes

This is the usually the best option for people on a budget. Our premium WordPress themes puts the customization in your hands. Our premium themes come with features such as:

  • Multiple color-schemes built in so you can change them to suit your needs
  • Multiple page templates (full width, three columns, etc.) already built in
  • Social Media icons/links built in
  • And more!

Click here to view our Customizable Premium Themes (Coming Soon!)