I hate doing SEO. It sucks. The rules are always changing. There is a crazy amount of information to try to stay on top of and it’s just not fun for me to hunt down websites and try to get links from them. Frankly, I’d rather be the one with the sites that other people want links from. Wouldn’t that be ideal? Short of being the Google monster itself, the next best thing is to own the authoritative websites that other people gladly link to and from which links are desired right? Anyway, back to my rant… Here are the reasons I hate SEO

  • There aren’t really any shortcuts. This gets to the root of it I think. SEO just plain takes work, and since I don’t really find it enjoyable, it’s a chore. There is no automagical way of getting my site to appear at the top of the SERPs without work, creativity, and consistency.
  • SEO is slow. I guess I grew up as part of the ‘microwave generation’ and therefore want and expect things to happen fairly quickly. SEO is not one of those things. Even when links are obtained, it can be days or weeks before the results fully set in. And they never fully do… which is my next point.
  • SEO is constantly changing. Not only are other websites always competing by optimizing their sites and building their links, but the algorithms themselves change. If Google or Bing decide they don’t like the way you’ve gotten your links or they don’t like something about your site, months or even years worth of work can be swept away in one arbitrary update, which has happened more than once and has happened recently to entire blog networks.
  • Like most any company, Google is all about Google which may or not mean that they care what happens to my business. If you followed any of SEOBook’s posts about Google over the last few months, you’ll see some interesting trends that Google seems to be following, none of which are very helpful for the “little guys” like me.

I understand why things change, and I understand that the SEs have every right to change whatever they want whenever they want any way they want. I just don’t much care for the process of link building I guess. In fact, at my company, I’ve all but quit doing SEO for other companies. I’m taking a different approach. I’m working on a few “networks” as I call them that are essentially groups of websites built around a particular industry or topic. These networks will provide great content to users and hopefully, will attract links much more naturally than many of my sites do now. Yeah, I’ll still have to do some link building for these sites, but at least I’ll gain the benefits because the sites are owned by me or my company. I can then direct the “link juice” wherever I want whenever I want.

This seems much more palatable to me than manually building thousands of links through blog commenting, forum signatures, or tons of guest blogs posts or articles posted on 100 sites around the web. So here we go. I’ll let you know how this works out…

As a side note… while I was fairly close to getting ranked #1 for King of the Internet, I seem to have been trumped by a new competitor… not cool Google, not cool 🙂

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