Using the Showcase Widget

When you go to Appearance >> Widgets, you will see a customized widget titled as “Showcase Widget” with a description of:

For displaying showcase images with the feature to choose to show a widget title on the front or just the admin side. Special thanks to for this widget.


Although this was setup to make adding images to the Showcase Widget “position” easier, you can use this for other areas. However, for the Visionary theme, it’s best utilized when you select the showcase option for the Showcase Widget, which lets you insert images for the top of your pages. What is special about this widget is that it lets you create a title for the admin area so you can better manage what one is for what area, but it lets you leave the title for the front-end empty. The problem with normal widgets is that they “all” display the title and not everyone wants to show the title. You can completely disable the title by leaving it blank but the problem is when you have several widgets without titles in the fields and you have no idea what each one is.

The Showcase Widget (actually called the “better text widget” from was modified by me to accomplish the no title option while adding another title field only for reference in the admin area.

Layout for the widget:


You can use this for other widget areas if you like how the image field makes adding an image easy but there are still a couple limitations:

  • The image will always be at the top of the text content (if you add content). You would need to do some custom css to move the image to another position
  • This widget does not support shortcode ( will be adding this in a later version)

Adding Images for the Showcase Position

  1. Drag the Showcase Widget to the Showcase Widget position
  2. Title it for the admin area (for your own reference)
  3. Add the full path to the image you want to use (960px wide but can be any height you want)
  4. Add the ALT description to your image for helping with search engine optimization
  5. Click Save

Getting Different Showcase Images to Different Sections

If you want to have different images for several sections of your site, whether categories, archives, pages, posts, etc., you will need to install the Widget Logic plugin, which will add a small text field at the lower left corner of “every” widget:


You would use this field to add WordPress Conditional tags which tells WordPress to show this widget in the areas you specify. For example: You want your new showcase widget with a nice photo to be displayed on a page that has an ID of 5, you would then enter in:


If you want the same widget to show on the front page and also the page noted as ID 5, then your conditional tag you would enter is:

is_front_page() || is_page(5)

As you can see, I separated each conditional with a space plus two vertical pipes (found on the backslash key on your keyboard: Shift + backslash) with another space. The widget logic plugin download page has some examples there as well a link to the official WordPress Conditional tags page.

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