Traffic Bug – Does This Thing Really Work?

As part of the 30 Day Challenge last year, Ed Dale had some new software that he introduced to help the newbies with their internet marketing. One excellent piece of software was Market Samurai which is an absolutely fantastic product. The other piece of software was called Traffic Bug.

Traffic Bug is a fully automated social bookmarking tool, RSS Submitter, Search Engine Submitter, and Directory Submitter all in one which is put out by one Michael R. Roberts. The concept is brilliant! Which internet marketer wouldn’t kill for completely automated features like these? Furthermore, Traffic-Bug allows the user to set aggression levels so that these submissions look more “natural.” This is a fantastic feature as well!

Of course all of these claims are great if the software actually worked… Over the course of the challenge I had a few sites plugged into Traffic Bug to see how well they did. When all was said and done, other than the report I get from Traffic Bug, there wasn’t really any detectable progress that was made. Of course neither Google nor Yahoo report all of the links that they index but I figured I would have seen more than I did.

As you can see from these two posts, one from Market Samurai’s website, and another from the internet marketing forum called The Warrior Forum, I wasn’t the only one that seemed to not get any detectable results from Traffic Bug.


Personally, I don’t think it’s worth the cost. It may very well help websites get spidered more quickly by Google and the boys but I don’t think that’s worth $25 a month. I’d rather just make a few forum posts, submit blogs to, or use social media links to get my site indexed. All three are free!

Maybe at some point (like this year’s Challenge), I’ll give Traffic Bug another try and report back on whether or not it’s working well for people now. Technically, it was in “beta” but people were still being charged for it nevertheless. If I had to give you a piece of advice at the moment though, I’d stay far away from this software.

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