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A long time ago, in a college far, far away, I had taken a class on East Asian religions.  One of the religions that was talked about of course was Buddhism. What fascinated me about them was their quest to achieve enlightenment.  How Buddhists view the world was just as intriguing as well.  Although Buddhism doesn’t have much of a spotlight in the mainstream, over 450 million people worldwide are practicing Buddhists, and fans of WordPress want to cater to them with themes.  So, this week I will be discussing three Buddhist themes for WordPress.


A screenshot of Namaste - Buddhist Themes

Now if you have Asian religions then you’ll know that the phrase “namaste” is a greeting spoken primarily by Hindus.  However, one of Buddha’s teachings is that boundaries are a hindrance of sorts.  It goes onto say that we’re all connected to and dependent on each other.  In other words, a Buddhist won’t get offended if you say namaste to them as saying hello is something that binds us all together.  With that said, let me introduce you to our first theme – Namaste by webzakt.

As you walk through the demo, you get the sense that you’re looking at something tremendous, but you’ll eventually see how simplicity is woven in as well.  This means that the theme captures a balance that is featured prominently in a lot of Asian religions.  Buddhists essentially describe this as ‘middle way,’ or moderation; which is never having too much of any one thing.  In other words, the site has a lot of brilliance to it but not too much to where it becomes overpowering.

What’s more is that it uses the Unyson theme framework.  I wrote about this in my article about theme frameworks which I have provided a link for below if you want to read about it.  So, you will have some freedom in working with the theme in case you want to modify it for any reason.  Namaste also includes an event calendar and a portfolio.  Its mobile responsive.  It comes included with WooCommerce so you can sell whatever you want on your site.  It also includes donation functionality so people can give.



A screenshot of Buddhist - Buddhist Themes

Simplicity.  This is one of many ideals that Buddhists both teach and practice.  The first thing we might think of when hearing this is how a priest takes a vow of poverty.  Some do practice this but simplicity ultimately refers to keeping ourselves unchained from complication.  In short, Buddhists keep things simple in what they do, interaction with others, and interacting with the world around them.  Our second theme from template monster called Buddhism follows this path.

When you look at this theme’s demo you’ll notice two things – it’s direct and to the point but it is also compact.  Buddhism is more minimalistic than Namaste and it subscribes to the notion that great things can be found in small packages.  Now obviously, your site will undoubtedly have more content than what the demo has, but, it shows that you can get your point across without taking up too much space. That, believe it or not, can inspire people to stay around longer to see what else you have.

Buddhism comes with a wide assortment of plugins that help you get your site up and running.  Included are portfolio functionality, color customization, font integration, and social networking capabilities.  Of course, you can customize this theme so that it can suit your needs.  Mobile responsiveness is integrated.  Custom widgets are also included so you can either strengthen or lessen your site’s interactivity.  The price starts at $75 for a single site use.



A screenshot of Buddha theme - Buddhist Themes

One major misconception of Buddha is that he is a god of some sorts.  It is true that Buddha’s story can get spiritual, but overall, it is the story of a man who had found enlightenment as he walked through life.  Some people have wondered if he existed and there is evidence to suggest that he had.  Those questions though are moot as Buddhism isn’t about looking towards a man with reverence.  It’s about looking towards yourself, but it doesn’t hurt to ask for guidance from Buddha if you can.

This is where our last theme comes in which is aptly named Buddha.  The first thing that caught my attention was the theme’s East meets West mainstream feel.  At the same time, the theme is minimalistic which makes sense given that this theme is tailored for bloggers. This of course helps to help showcase your content, whatever it may be.  The layout is easy to understand and work with so anyone who visits your site can find their way around.

Buddha is built with the Visual Composer plugin, which is also included with the theme.  Buddha also comes with Layer Slider to display your images on.  One of the things included that is fascinating is a teaching plugin that links to your philosophical pages with graphics.  Buddha comes with custom post types that you can use to keep your posts organized and unique.  And finally, you can customize Buddha so that it can meet your needs whatever they may be.

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