It seems that unfortunately, there are many, many well intentioned people who are trying to make lots of money online by teaching others how to do internet marketing. The problem is that these people haven’t done it themselves so they don’t necessarily have the backing behind their philosophies. I understand their issues. I’ve nearly fallen into that trap myself. What happens is this:

A newbie jumps online and says to his self or herself, “If I see another 19 year old make $300,000 a year online I’m going to puke! This can’t be that hard so I’m going to figure it out.” The newbie then jumps into the world of internet marketing and starts learning.

Sooner or later, he or she will come across internet marketers that are selling great products about how to be great at internet marketing. And better yet, they have affiliate programs that the newbie can become a part of to start making cash. I mean, how hard can affiliate marketing be right? So the newbie post their affiliate link all over the web in as spammy a way as possible, but hey, he or she doesn’t know any better yet…

In the programs that the newbie has gone through the question comes up, “What do you love? What are you passionate about?” At this point, a lot of people are just thinking that they want to make some dog-gone money so they can pay off this bill or that bill or send their kids to college, or get out an embarrassing financial situation like a foreclosure or debt.

So what’s the answer? They think to themselves, “Hmmm I’m really liking this internet marketing thing… I think I’ll become a guru in IM!” And thus the quest to become a guru begins! The affiliate offers from gurus are enticing. So are the affiliate offers of hosting companies, autoresponders, and other internet marketing related tools and services. It seems logical to try to find other newbies and get these cool sounding tools in their hands!

My recommendation to someone who is going this route is to stop. I don’t mean to squash dreams or anything like that, nor am I being cruel. The issue is that internet marketing is one of THE most competitive niches on the internet. That doesn’t mean you can’t carve out a piece for yourself, it just means that you should probably cut your teeth on something a little bit less competitive. I recommend checking out the Thirty Day Challenge if you want a crash course by some experts.

Take it from someone who’s been in your shoes – get some experience and get some results before you go about trying to teach people or offer them deals on tools or services before you know what you’re talking about. Alright, I’m done with my rant.

Catch you on the flipside,

– MarketerMatt

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