How to Apply Digital Signage to WordPress

We have used WordPress as a CMS platform, Blogging platform, website builder and everything else we could think of. WordPress has become our best friend in the long journey of entrepreneurship, database maintenance and now it has recently stepped into digital marketing as well. We are not saying that WordPress was never there before, but [...]

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Pirated WordPress Themes Put Your Site’s Users At Risk

Pirated WordPress Themes: The Consequences Pirate WordPress themes are premium themes made available by unscrupulous third-parties for free. For someone unfamiliar with how the WordPress ecosystem works, pirate themes can be tempting. But installing a pirate theme is almost certainly a bad move that will have negative security and SEO ramifications for your site and [...]

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WordPress Questions Answered: Is Disabling Right Clicking In WordPress A Good Idea?

Building a website is hard work. It’s a creative endeavor, and whether it’s a blog, a photography site, or a business site, no one likes to see someone else taking the results of their hard work to use without permission and, more to the point, without paying. The easiest way for ordinary users to filch [...]

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Top 3 Best Weather WordPress Themes 2017

Storms, hurricanes, weather related threats are great threats to life and property. The Weather WordPress themes provide a website template to help with watches, forecasts and analysis of hazardous tropical weather. Having a good weather theme can help save lives, mitigate property loss, and improve efficiency in the storm. These WordPress themes are dedicated [...]

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Top 3 Buddhist Themes 2017

A long time ago, in a college far, far away, I had taken a class on East Asian religions.  One of the religions that was talked about of course was Buddhism. What fascinated me about them was their quest to achieve enlightenment.  How Buddhists view the world was just as intriguing as well.  Although [...]

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