How do design your WordPress site within a budget?

There are thousands of entrepreneurs and bloggers out there, who are right now thinking about getting a website of their own. Most business owners have thought of going online, but they have stepped down thinking of the cost of website building and maintenance. Professional website builders are a great option, but they cost money. Personal [...]

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Affordable Small Business Websites

Yes we're serious. You can have a professional looking website for your business for under $500 and you can have it in less than 7 days! How are we able to do this? Well... Cheap, Affordable Web Page Design Yes you heard right! You can get a website for your business for as little as [...]

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Scepter’s Room for Thought

On Saturday Marketer Matt met with a designer from the web design and development company Room for Thought. Scepter Marketing and Room for Thought will be teaming up on the website. Website design and development go hand in hand with internet marketing so both representatives see the partnership as a good match. In the [...]

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