Guide to Complete SEO Audit of your WordPress Website

Improving the performance of a website on all the major search engines is undoubtedly crucial to generating quality leads and traffic. But, how can that be achieved? Well, the answer to that is a good SEO. An excellent Search Engine Optimization is essential in today’s times and would boost your online visibility while also enhancing [...]

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SEO: Why Search Engine Marketing and Optimization Rule The Day

Nearly everyone uses the internet to search for information that interests them. People search for information about companies, schools, local businesses, products, services, certifications, and just about everything else. Because of this, the internet has become the place to be for those companies who want to bring in new customers and new business. In order [...]

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Letter to a Client about Comparing SEO Services

If you've had a website with a contact form for any length of time, you have probably gotten an email from one of them claiming that they can get you great results in the search engines by doing XYZ marketing tactics. I recently had a prospective client who was trying to sell his book, ask [...]

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