Why You Should Pay Attention to Bing

You've probably seen the commercials, but in case you weren't paying attention you ought to know about Bing. Bing is a search engine designed by MicroSoft and is the biggest competitor to Google in terms of search. Bing actually merged with Yahoo's search awhile back as well making Bing a major player in the search [...]

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SEO: Why Search Engine Marketing and Optimization Rule The Day

Nearly everyone uses the internet to search for information that interests them. People search for information about companies, schools, local businesses, products, services, certifications, and just about everything else. Because of this, the internet has become the place to be for those companies who want to bring in new customers and new business. In order [...]

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Local Business Statistics

Local businesses MUST be online! The time is coming when either a business will be online, or they will get dominated by their competitors. Why is this do you ask? Because the search engines are the new yellow pages. Going to the computer, loading up Google, and typing in a phrase like "Lansing, MI Plumber" [...]

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