Can Any CMS Take Over WordPress?

For those who don’t know, CMS stands for Content Management System and it’s computer software that is used to create and modify digital content. The most used CMS by far is WordPress. It runs something like 30 percent of the internet. That doesn’t mean it’s the only option. Other popular CMSs include Google Sites, Joomla, [...]

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Widget Logic with WordPress Conditional Tags Solution

I’ve talked about this with several users of my themes but decided to write a quick tutorial for everyone to learn how to take advantage of a WordPress plugin called “Widget Logic” and how “WordPress Conditional Tags”  work in conjunction with your own web site. To be honest, I think this should be a standard [...]

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Top 5 Things to Help you Choose WordPress or Joomla

I know there are many articles about choosing which cms, etc, etc., but I am doing this one based on what I feel are the top 5 things to help you choose between WordPress and Joomla. Why? Because Pixel Theme Studio offers both WP and Joomla themes. Ok, there’s other reasons too but to help [...]

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