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I tend to now like the idea of college at all. Paying upwards of $50k-$250k to learn… what? Do you know how many people graduate and can’t get jobs these days? As a career move or as an investment, I wouldn’t recommend that anyone go to traditional college at all unless they had to because they pursuing becoming a doctor, lawyer, CPA, or some other fields that require that someone get a degree. The investment in both years and money is darn near ridiculous on almost every level. That being said however, sometimes I’m pleasantly surprised to find that there are a few good things still lingering in universities.

The other day my friend St Luke sent me a link to the CEO of NVidia speaking at Stanford in what they call their “Entrepreneurship Corner.” Apparently, I’m late to the party since this site already has an Alexa ranking of around 1,200!! But anyway, I’ve been getting some great information so I wanted to share my thoughts and perspectives about it.

Since receiving the link from my friend, I have gone through several of the interviews and talks given within the Entrepreneurship Corner Podcast/Videocast. They have featured speakers from such companies as Pandora, Scribd, SlideShare, SalesForce, and many more. While the speakers are not always CEOs or CTOs, they still bring many valuable insights back from the front lines of running various aspects of their companies. And I’m lovin it!

It’s humbling to listen to kids that are younger than me. It’s helpful to hear from those who are in the same industry. And it’s insightful to hear from any of the other entrepreneurs who have built masterpieces both as or within the companies they are associated with in every aspect from sales and marketing to engineering and the web. These talks help to inspire me to shoot for my dreams, to work harder, plan better, and connect with the right people so that I can lead a successful company as well.

So I highly recommend checking out this site if you’re at all entrepreneurial minded. It’s definitely a good break from the Frank Kern’s and Jeff Johnson’s.

Here’s the link to check out the e-corner:

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