Part 2 – Showcase Widget setup

Part two of the Introduction to the Showcase and Content Slideshow setup will focus on the Showcase Widget option.

The Visionary theme has two choices of what to display within the showcase area of your site pages – in this case, the Front Page. Although the Showcase Widget is available for every other section of your site, this setup tutorial is primarily for the front page.

Setup Your Showcase Widget

  1. Go to your theme settings and within the Showcase and Slideshow Settings panel, choose “Showcase Widget” from the drop down list.
  2. One the front-end of your site on both the left and right side of the showcase image, you can choose your colours. You can select the colours you want for the left, main showcase image background, and the right side by clicking in the colour field which will activate a built-in colour selector:


  3. You have the choice of also having the left and right backgrounds as a solid colour or you can have the pattern of lines on top like the default theme shows on the live demo.


  4. Make sure the setting for the Slideshow is set to “Disabled“, otherwise you will end up with two showcases in your front page:


  5. Click Save Options
  6. Go to your WordPress Admin Appearance >> Widgets section and drag a “Showcase Widget” to the Showcase Widget position. This widget is a special widget for displaying images without titles (or a title if you decide to show one)…I recommend only doing a title for the admin side. Fill in the other fields as needed, and for the image, use the full path to the image that you would normally upload to the Media Manager in your admin. Default full width for images would be 960 pixels wide and the height can be anything you want. Default height is 340 pixels. The Text field in the widget is there for other uses but I also recommend leaving this empty. Also leave the “Automatically add paragraphs” checkbox unchecked.


  7. If you are using the plugin called Widget Logic and only want to display this one widget image on the front page (or other sections), add your conditional tags in the widget logic field that shows up in the lower left of your widget (you need the plugin for this).
  8. Click SAVE on your widget.
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