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This theme does not include all those cookie cutter fancy sliders and other slideshow plugins that you may see on other theme providers because I don’t like the idea of forcing someone to use whatever the developer decides. They hardcode these into the themes and many do not make it easy to remove. So I decided to provide the space in the pages for you as the end-user to choose what you want…hence 3 showcase options that should satisfy most if not all users of the Pixel Linear theme.

Showcase 1

Showcase 1 is turned on by default when you first install Pixel Linear, but this header is designed to take in widgets with your images. It’s best suited for a full width image header, and if you use the Widget Logic plugin, you can have a different image on every page of your web site or blog. Primarily it’s used for static images, but you can also use any widget based slideshows or other media based plugin by dragging the widget into the Showcase1 panel.

Showcase 2

Showcase 2 takes advantage of the built-in Header feature with WordPress. It’s great if you want the ability to upload an image, crop it, and change it when you want, but the only problem is that it goes throughout your web site on every page (globally). Not a bad thing because some people like to have the same image as a standard header throughout their site. This is the best option if you want to use this and works great.

Showcase 3

Showcase 3 is where you can put in your choice of image sliders, text content sliders, or slideshow plugins. There are many you can choose from and each offers their own list of features and special effects, so it’s really up to you and your needs as everyone will want something different…which is why I decided not to include one in the theme.

Installing one of these fancy plugins is dependent on the one you choose because most usually requires you to add some code into your template, in this case, you would be putting the code into the showcase3.php file which can be found here:

NOTE: For aesthetics, I recommend you do not publish more than one on a page – it wouldn’t look too nice as it’s meant to have either one on a page.
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