Should You Use Local Ad Link to Market Your Small Business?

Local Ad Link

Local Ad Link is a company that blasted on to the internet marketing scene in late 2008 – early 2009. They had one of the best affiliate programs that I have ever seen for the “average Joe” affiliate. As a company, they were poised to do great things. Headed up by Mr. Bob McNulty, the mastermind behind the Home Depot business model, Local Ad Link made a lot of progress right out of the gate.

Some of LocalAdLink’s clients reported amazing results too. There was a video that I saw once where a guy was showing up at the top of the paid search results on Google for the keyword “bed” and wasn’t paying more than $150/mo. for it. This term probably would have been much more expensive had he gone the normal Pay Per Click route. However, in my opinion, these results were the exception rather than the norm. I assume there was a problem with Local Ad Link’s programming because this guy, who was in Arizona if memory serves, was getting clicks from Google Canada. I’m not really sure that happens with a zip code based service. Probably a fluke.

So Should You Use Local Ad Link for Your Business?

Honestly, you can only know for sure if you test. If you do, go with the month to month plan or buy three months and test it. However, a word of warning is required here. I had personal contact with several clients who were using Local Ad Link and not one of them received accurate statistics. The company had promised detailed statistics and analysis but didn’t deliver for a single one of these clients. That’s not to say that their ads didn’t show up, it’s just to say that if you can’t test, you can’t know.

They may very well have updated their system since then, but I would still recommend you go with a professional digital marketing agency who will provide you with marketing that is not hit-or-miss and which will guarantee you statistics. There are plenty of them out there that are going to get you better results than Local Ad Link could anyway. I generally recommend that small businesses focus firstly on getting their sites ranked highly on Google and other search engines and then secondly on social media. These two options often have a much higher rate of return then Pay Per Click advertising which is what Local Ad Link uses.

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