Shortcode – Dropcaps

Dropcaps are used for the first letter of a paragraph and generally used once on the page. You can even get creative and make custom lists with numbers instead of letters. Below is an example of what the Dropcap styles look like:


Shortcode – Dropcap

  1. Open your post or page in the editor and switch to the HTML view
  2. At the beginning of your first paragraph, replace the first letter of your first word with this shortcode:
  3. Change the letter in the shortcode between the opening and closing square brackets to the first letter of that first word. Example: The “A” in Apple.
  4. Click SAVE

Quick Note: If you want to change the styling for this dropcap, open the theme’s style.css file and look for the following code:

.dropcap {
margin:5px 10px 0 0;
font:normal 3.5em/.9em 'Arial narrow', Helvetica, sans-serif;
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