Shopify Experts: How to Choose the Best One for You

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Introduction to Shopify Experts

Shopify offers a valuable asset to its merchants: Shopify Experts, who are very helpful if you are looking to start your own eCommerce store. It can be a tough job, however, to find the best from a long list of experts. Each offers a unique experience and merchants would need ample knowledge to find the most suitable for their business.

This post will help you decide which Shopify expert is the right match for you.

 Types of Shopify Experts

Maximise your likelihood of finding the Shopify Experts for your business' needs

Before you finally choose your Shopify Expert, you should know exactly what you need. There are five categories of Shopify Experts:

  • Designers
  • Setup
  • Developers
  • Marketers
  • Photographers

Before you begin, you should know which type of expert you want:


The Shopify expert designers are best if you are looking for templates or designs to customize your online store. These people have sound knowledge and skills in crafting perfectly tailored plan to create a clean aesthetic for your business that converts.


To help you launch your store, hire Setup Shopify Experts. They assist in basic tasks like organizing product information, prices, and photos, as well as picking out beautiful themes.

They also ensure that you have a perfect homepage, site structure, and navigation. These experts have also been trained to help you with basic domains, payment configuration, and the operation and maintenance of your store.


Just like normal web developers, web developer Shopify Experts ensure that your online store is functional. These people are those who guarantee that your website is responsive and that it serves its purpose. Leave all the technicalities to them. They can take care of your online store’s advanced functions, integrate custom apps, and add interactive tools to your website.


The job of a Shopify marketing expert is to help draw customers to your online store through special promotions. These people have lots of experience in building brands and creating communities online. They are in charge of optimizing your SEO efforts and making sure that your brand reaches different social media platforms. Just as their title stands, they market your brand online the best way that they can.


People are more visual nowadays. You have to know how to market your products well. Your high-quality products won’t be getting much attention if your online catalogue doesn’t show the customers their worth. An online catalogue that is professionally done shines brightly. Excellently shot photos always appeal best to customers. Shopify Photography Experts know the best ways to take snaps of your products so that you can sell them quickly.

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Steps in Choosing Shopify Experts

1. Write your specifications

After getting down to what type of Shopify expert you need, you now need to start on your hunt for the perfect expert. The first step is to write the specifics for your project. Here is where you will list down your objectives, identify your target market and your opponents in the industry, set a budget, and know your project’s best features, identity, and timescales.

2. Browse Shopify experts’ portfolios

Shopify requires experts to upload two work examples from previous clients. These experts know they are in for a serious competition so they actually upload their best works. By visiting their portfolios, you get an impression on their previous outcomes. Get a feel and take a close look if their work suits your needs

3. Read reviews

Shopify also includes reviews listed from the most recent down to the earliest ones. In each review, you will see their ratings from 1-5 stars. An overall rating is also shown on the listings page. Read the feedback thoroughly. Here, you will know about personal experiences of other clients on those Shopify experts. More often than not, they include why they have given experts 1 star or why they were greatly impressed with their work.

4. Narrow down your list.

Choose a few from the crows of experts. Make a shortlist of those that you feel will guarantee improvement in your business. This shortlist helps you save time in contacting lots of experts. Start with 5-10 experts. Include their credentials on your list. Consider the degree of difficulty of the project you are about to begin and compare these experts with each other.

5. Contact the experts in person.

On each profile, you can find ‘Contact Shopify Expert’ on the top-right of the page. This is the Shopify expert’s chance to prove to you that you can work with them well. The best basis of all is the way these experts talk to you. Customer service is a crucial factor in choosing people to work with. Those who have exemplary customer service skills can always form good working relationships. Ask them questions and observe how they answer and if your queries have been given useful responses.

You can always find the time to visit the Expert’s physical office. Their office environment can also say a lot about how they work. Don’t be afraid of calling them and asking endless questions. After all, you are going to entrust your business to them. If it’s too much of a hassle to meet personally, you can also set up a video chat meeting. On top of their technical knowledge and their various abilities, their customer service skills ensure you that you can form a good and smooth working relationship in the future.

Shopify Experts – Conclusion

Avoid being directionless in your search for your perfect Shopify expert. Make up your mind with what you require and demand and discuss these objectives with your expert. By telling them what you would like, you can definitely achieve the goals that you aim for. At the end of the day, you would reach your expectations and be successful on your eCommerce venture. Finding an expert is an exhausting task. As a merchant, you also have to clearly set your mind on what you want and you should be able to communicate it effectively. Knowing these things will maximize the purpose of getting a Shopify Expert.

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