Setup your site logo

When you first install this template, you will notice the default logo image is located in the top of the page:


You will obviously want to change this to your own.

Specifics About the Logo

If you are customizing your own logo or already have an existing logo for your web site and company, you should know a few specifics about the area being used within the Corporate theme. First, the default logo you see above has a dimension of 402 x 53 pixels. You do not have to keep to this size but I recommend you do not exceed it too much so that you can maintain the theme’s look and style.

Creating Your Own Logo

Creating your own logo will require you to have an image or graphics application like IIustrator, Photoshop (which is what I did this theme in), Paintshop Pro, or any other capable program that you may have. You can also hire a graphic designer to create a unique logo for yourself as well, although be prepared to pay a few hundred dollars at least. The other option if you cannot make your own is to use a premade logo template, either the one that I did (you need the Photoshop file for this), or you can look online for logo template sites.

Setting up Your Logo

When you log into your Joomla admin, go to Extensions >> Template Manager >> The Corporate 3 and find the logo parameters:


  1. Click Enable if you want to use a logo (disable means to use just a text title only)
  2. Upload your logo to your site, usually to your Media Manager, and then add the full absolute path to the Logo Url field
  3. Add your Logo ALT tag with important keywords that you want applied as an image description
  4. Click SAVE

If everything went well, you should now see your logo on the front of your web site.

NOTE: Make sure your logo isn’t too big as it will affect the overall design and layout of your site. The default size is 402 x 54 pixels but you can go larger than that.

Site Title with Title Caption – No Logo

If you decide to use a text based title and title caption (or some people call it as a slogan), you can disable the logo and then for the Title Caption (slogan), you can enter this into the Miscellaneous field (see below). This will show up just below the site title; like the default logo has the Corporate name and below it has a caption (although in image form).

Just for reference, the Site Title will be retrieved from the Joomla installation when it asked you for a Site name. It will grab that and enter it into the top of the page with <H1> tags, while the title caption will be in <h2> tags for seo purposes.


Because the default installation of this template uses an image based logo, most usually won’t use just the text but you will need to do a little bit of coding…no worries, it’s easy.

Open the template’s index.php file here: /templates/thecorporate3/index.php and then look for the following code:

<div id="defaultlogo">


Then you need to make it look like this so that it does the site’s text title and will put in your title caption (slogan) where the logo would go:

<div id=”defaultlogo”>
<h1><?php echo $mainframe->getCfg(‘sitename’);?></h1>
<h2><?php echo $title_caption;?></h2>

Then you need to double check the template.css file and find this code looks like it shows below:

#defaultlogo, #logo {width:410px; min-height:57px; background:url(‘../images/logo.png’) no-repeat; float:left;}
#logo {background:none;}

Then you need to make it look like this:

#defaultlogo, #logo {width:410px; min-height:57px; background:url(‘../images/logo.png’) no-repeat; float:left;}
#defaultlogo, #logo {background:none;}

Then you need to Disable the Image as Logo setting in the template’s settings. This will turn off the #logo and turn on the new #defaultlogo that now contains the code you just added and your site title and Title Caption (which you would add in the template settings) will show up as text.

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