Setup up your Showcase 1

Setting up your showcase one widget header is very simple.

By default, you should see this image:


Adding your own is done with a text widget once you uploaded your own image to the Media library within your admin area (Don’t forget to copy the image path url).

NOTE: For reference, height is up to you but the width to get a nice layout is 960 pixels wide:

Go to Appearance >> Widgets and drag an Image and Text widget to the Showcase 1 panel:



You should see this layout:


When you uploaded your image for the Showcase 1 position, you will now paste the path to that image into the “Full path to image” field that you see in the widget. Don’t forget to do a title for the “admin side” field but don’t put one into the other title field, otherwise you will see a title displayed and we don’t want that which is why we are using this particular widget as it’s coded to allow titles for the admin side and none for the front-end.

You don’t need to enter in the ID of the post or excerpt so leave those fields blank because we just want to show an image only.

Click Save and you should see your new header image in the Showcase 1 position.

NOTE: The Widget logic field you see in the screenshot of this widget is a plugin that lets you enter WordPress Conditional Tags which will then publish this widget to select pages of your web site. For more information about Widget Logic, you can visit the plugin download page at
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