Setting up your site logo

The Pixel Linear theme does not offer “text based” titles with the WordPress blog description, instead I opted in for logos or other image title concepts.


To change the default logo to your own:

  1. Go to your WordPress Admin >> Media >> Add New
  2. Upload your logo image and copy the image path because you will need this in a moment
  3. Go to Appearance >> Theme-Settings
  4. In the Add Custom Logo field, paste the link to your logo image you just uploaded
  5. Add your logo ALT description to the Logo ALT field and then click Save

If all went well, you should see your new logo at the top of your site which will also replace the default Pixel Linear theme logo.

NOTE: Default size for the logo is 145 x 55 so I recommend you keep it close to this because it will help maintain the overall visual aspects of your theme but there is also the menu to the right which has a fixed width of 700 pixels and css is around line 54 in the style.css file.
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