Setting up your front page header

Pixel Media Blogger now offers you the ability to change your headers with one of three options that are available to you.  This will allow you to customize each and every single page that your website or blog has and will let you insert images or other forms of content.  You can see the ability of this feature with the online demo website for the Pixel Media Blogger theme by going to the widgets tab on the main menu.

NOTE: the custom header function within the admin area is setup to all the work for the front page.  However, if you’re comfortable enough with HTML, you can have this display on the other pages as well.  But keep note that this is a global custom header which means it will show throughout your website that this is coded in.

Setting Up The Front Page Header

The first thing you’ll want to do is to plan what kind of image you want to have on your front page, but also, if you plan to have the headers within your website on your individual pages, you’ll want to plan your images out for that as well.

Within your admin area, look in the left side under the appearance panel four ” Custom Header” and click on that. You’ll probably see an image there already which is the default image called a placeholder and ready for you to replace this one.  As you’re looking on the SP page you’ll notice that there there is a line that says: images of exactly 920 x 200 and pixels will be used as-is.

  1. Assuming you have your first front page image ready, click the browse button to find the file and then click upload
  2. You’ll see your image with a crop line in place which you can adjust were you want to crop and paste
  3. Your new frontpage image should now be published
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