SEO Is Not Hard, It Just Takes Time

If you’ve been following internet marketing for any length of time, you’ll quickly learn the basic concepts of internet marketing. You’ll learn the steps to setting up a blog, the steps to building a list, the steps to getting to the top of the SERPs, etc. There are really only two steps right? Post content and build back links. The fundamentals are easy, the implementation can take awhile, especially if you’re working alone.

Just remember, especially when you’re first learning, these things take time. Rome wasn’t build in a day and you’re site won’t rank in a day (most likely). One of the worst things you can do is check your rankings 5 times a day to see if you’ve moved up. You’d be better off spending that time writing another article or blog post. If you get frustrated that things aren’t moving quickly enough, take a quick 10-15 minute break, maybe go for a walk, and then come back and dominate!

There are some tools that you can use that will help to make your life easier though. Market Samurai is a brilliant keyword research tool that I personally use. It will save you an incredible amount of time once you learn how to use it properly. I would check out their how-to videos if you haven’t heard of it. They teach some sound internet marketing principles and give a great demonstration of the product.

Automation tools can also help things along if #1) they work and #2 you work them correctly. There are plenty of legit tools out there that you can use without being spammy. For a good discussion on some of the tools and which ones are the best, check out this forum thread: Top Automation Tools: Warrior Forum. The Warrior forum is great for researching stuff like this!

As the old adage says, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.” Again, SEO takes time… you’ll get ‘er done if you just keep truckin’ and stay true.

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