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On Saturday Marketer Matt met with a designer from the web design and development company Room for Thought. Scepter Marketing and Room for Thought will be teaming up on the website.

Website design and development go hand in hand with internet marketing so both representatives see the partnership as a good match. In the very near future, Scepter Marketing will begin to market websites as well as internet marketing services. These web design services will be contracted through Room for Thought.

In addition, a new logo is in the works for Scepter Marketing and within a few months the website should be receiving a face lift. This is exciting news! The local internet marketing services that Scepter Marketing will be selling will still target local businesses and will now have the opportunity to offer both sides of the internet equation – a website and the process of driving traffic to the website. Overall, both parties are looking forward to the partnership immensely!

In other news, Scepter Marketing is continuing to climb the rankings in Google for some targeted keywords. In the past few days we have moved up over 150 positions in Google. This increase in rankings will be further and further proof of Scepter Marketing’s ability to genuinely help small business owners market their businesses. We hope to be on the first page of Google for some of our key terms within the next couple of weeks!

Stay tuned for more!
– Marketer Matt

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