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We are pleased to announce that we have acquired SplashingPixels.com! We are looking with great anticipation towards the future of the theme company as we work with the previous owner to better handle support, provide more timely theme upgrades, and provide a great experience for the over 6,000 Splashing Pixels customers.

Starting this month, Splashing Pixels will begin providing updates to the 4 themes that were not kept up to date. Organico, Mojo, Eggo, and Mio will be updated to be compatible with WP 4.2.2+ then WooCommerce 2.3.1+, and maybe WP-Ecommerce 3.9.4+ as well if there is enough demand from our customers for it.

We believe that SplashingPixels.com has great potential as a theme company, and we are looking forward to seeing that potential realized. For more information about this acquisition, contact us.

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