Scepter Marketing Acquires 6 WP Directory Sites

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A few months ago, Scepter Marketing began acquiring established WordPress sites to add to it’s already growing collection of WordPress directory sites such as,, and In recent months, Scepter has acquired the following theme directory sites:

The first 5, being of admittedly very poor quality historically, nevertheless had a bit of traffic and page rank. To make the best use of these sites, and to consolidate efforts, the first five sites on this list have been redirected to where it is hoped that the visitors who previously frequented these sites will encounter a much better experience in finding the themes they have been searching for.

On the heels of this update, Scepter will be creating a new WordPress newsletter that will focus mostly on giving great deals to their subscribers including:

  • Exclusive deals on WordPress theme clubs, services, and other items
  • WordPress theme club giveaways
  • News about new themes, wordpress companies, services, and plugins

The Scepter team is excited with these improvements as they move towards the launch of their newsletter later this month.

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