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Scepter Labs

The Scepter labs are our corner of the web where explore, test, and push the limits of what’s possible when creativity meets the web. Not all of our experiments are public, and not all of our research is open, but what we feel we can share, we do. Here are some of our latest projects on the web.


Kingdom Re-Store

We have launched an e-commerce business under the name Kingdom Re-Store! We are currently selling on eBay as well as on our own Shopify store at We mostly sell novelty items but we do carry some toys, home decor items, and kitchen related items as well. We’re exploring what sells best on which platform, and we’re seeking out additional relationships with wholesalers, web partners, and warehouses to grow our stores.

Tool Holder Exchange

We have partnered with Superior Machine Tools to bring the industrial machining industry Tool Holder Exchange which is a place to buy, sell, or trade machine tool holders, inserts, or other related machine parts. This is one of our first partnerships with a physical goods provider, and we are working to help them overhaul their current web presence and expand it to be one of the largest players in the industry.


Right now, the rest of our labs’ experiments are top secret, but we’ll be sure to publish what we can when we can.