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ThemeBaker.comStarted in 2009 has offered free and premium WordPress themes to tens of thousands of WordPress users around the world. Sold several months ago by it’s original creators, the site was transformed into a theme directory site that sold a theme package. While the site retained it’s page rank and a bit of traffic, it had fallen far from it’s initial glory as one of the first solid WordPress theme companies. acquired the domain this month (September, 2014), and has decided to make it one of the first companies to offer themes through the largest WordPress directory on the web which is also owned by Scepter.

Scepter is also currently in negotiations with the original creators of to obtain the rights to the original themes in order to bring them up to par with WordPress 4.0 standards for old customers and in the hopes of obtaining future customers. ThemeBaker themes will likely be the first themes to be offered exclusively via as Scepter works to transform the directory into the largest marketplace for WordPress themes.

The acquisition of marks the 7th theme wordpress theme directory acquisition by ScepterMarketing in 2014.

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