Quick Thoughts on Aggregation

So pretty much all Google does is collect information and spit it back out in a manageable way right? And that’s more or less what half the good sites on the web do too as far as I can gather. The media outlets (tv, newspapers, etc.) were doing this long before Google showed up on the scene because back with the printing press, the amount of information surpassed managable quanities. Those who profit in the information age especially, seem to be the ones that can remove the noise and give people the information that they want, whether it be the best, the most important, the most popular, or what have you.

So my conclusion is this, whomever figures out a way to better organize information than the next guy wins in this info age. It’s “Information Distribution” as Paul Zane Pilzer calls it (with his terrible looking website – no offense sir!).

You can see this all over the place with Daily Deal sites like Groupon which basically slimmed down masses of info to just one deal a day. Of course now their are websites like TrackDailyDeal.com which aggregate over 300 daily deal websites… hardly simple anymore is it? No, it isn’t. But that seems to be the cycle.

  1. Information gets to be overwhelming
  2. People abstract and aggregate this information to make it useable again
  3. Eventually, information outpaces the current mediums and must be abstracted and aggregated again

I’m not sure there is an end to this cycle, and that’s okay. It just means that those who pay attention to it and understand it (in my opinion) stand to make a difference in the world… or lots of cash… or both.

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