Pixel Linear Dropline menu setup

Pixel Linear comes with a “dropline” menu that was perfect for the overall design that represents the linear theme. Dropline menus are not widely used because they do have some limitations but I still wanted to add it to this template because a suckerfish menu just didn’t look good.


The overall width for the menu container is 700 pixels wide and sits to the right of the logo. The sub menus will also have this width available, but if you need more links than it fits, you can adjust the menu css to get at least another couple links in. If you have a short parent menu group but have a short or few submenu group, your links will be aligned way off to the left. This is one limitation that the dropline menu system uses absolute positioning and it also requires a fixed width…in this case the default is 700 px wide. If your submenus are off to the left, you can adjust the overall menu width from 700 to less if your number of menu items can adjust with a lesser width. This will bring the menu items closer.


  • Looks great for the style
  • Doesn’t have dropdowns that extend into or over your page content
  • No worries of your submenus from disappearing behind flash movies and other media just below it
  • Takes up less space
  • No scripts are required because it’s all CSS based


  • Most dropline menus are only two levels, a parent menu and it’s sub-level menu
  • You are limited to how many menu items you can add to the sub-levels by the space made available in any template it’s being used in
  • Alignment of menu items on the sub-level are not as flexible when you need to align your menu to the right

The Pixel Linear template should work for most sites and has its dropline menu styled to accept more than enough menu items for the space it has available. Generally flooding a site with too many menu items and levels can actually create more confusion for the site visitor, so try to keep it realistic. With Joomla, you have the option of more than one menu so if you need a ton of menu links, you can split them across sections and multiple menus based on where a person is located in your web site.

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