Outsourcing is the Best

Awhile back I read The 4-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss. The greatest realization that I got out of the book is that nearly everything can be outsourced. This should have been obvious living in a city as I do. The division of labor where I live, while not quite as saturated as a bigger city, is still very evident. I don’t fix my own car, grow my own food, etc. I pay someone else to do so. But that this concept could be expanded to the workplace was a new idea to me. And it’s a powerful one.

Over the past year or so, I’ve experimented with hiring several people to help me with various aspects of my business. I’ve hired developers mostly, but also data-entry workers, researchers, and graphic designers. And now, a year later, having had some successes and some failures, I can say that the successes far outweigh the risks. Here are a few examples:

Outsourced 2 sliders for one of my latest website.

  • Time it would’ve taken me to do this myself = 10 hours+ (I hate doing design work and am no good at it)
  • Price I paid by hiring a company overseas trying to build its portfolio = $8
  • Savings at $50/hr. = $492

Outsourced mass editing of products on a website

  • Time and money it took to train and pay someone 1 hour / $100
  • Time it would’ve taken me = 6-10 hours
  •  Time savings = ~8 hours which has been much better spent working on more important things

Outsourcing latest client projects

  • Time and money it took to instruct and pay contractor = 3 hours / $400
  • Time it would’ve taken me = 50 hours
  • Time savings = 47 hours (at $50/hr that’s just over $2000 worth of my time)

So basically, I’ve come to think outsourcing is the coolest thing since sliced bread. Of course there are some things I’ve learned, but I’ll save those for another post 🙂

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