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buy-single-themesYes, you read that right…you can now buy single themes instead of going into a membership. Back by popular demand – and the several emails I’ve received – the single purchase option is active once again after being removed earlier in the year. It appears not everyone wants to have a membership, but rather just get one theme and that’s it…nothing more for you to do but enjoy the new theme you buy.

Your Option of Single Purchase or a Membership

I full understand why some people prefer the idea of finding the theme they like and that is all they want but often do not want to sign up for a membership. There are advantages and disadvantages of course which I will outline below for you to make the right choice based on your needs and preferences.

Advantages of a Single Purchase

  • The price is a lot lower making it even more affordable with the Introductory of $10 each (temporary)
  • It’s quick and almost instant because you choose, buy, and then download…you’re all done!
  • If you just need one theme, you have that choice
  • No commitment to a membership – you make your purchase and that’s it – no more is involved
  • If you don’t need support, it’s perfect!
  • If you need support, you have the option to sign up for a support only membership ($10 for 30 days) or a full theme membership at any time after your purchase (which gives you access to all themes)

**Quick Note about Support for setting up your theme: You can use the setup tutorials located from the “Support” page.

Disadvantages of a Single Purchase

  • If you decide you want a different theme, you have to buy the new one
  • The single buy option has no support – it’s considered “as-is” 
  • You do not get “both” the WordPress and Joomla version of that theme, you would need to buy both separately
  • You don’t get access to all the themes, just the one you bought only
  • You miss out on any new theme releases during an active membership
  • You do not get any theme updates, should any new changes happen

How Do you know if you can do a Single Purchase?

When you are viewing the themes Pixel Theme Studio has to offer, you will see a row of buttons like this:


The first one “Get All Themes” is a link to sign up at Pixel Theme Studio for a membership.This lets you register first but once done, you then go and choose the membership that you feel best works for you.

NOTE: Just one quick note though, if you feel you will have a lot of questions over a period of time, I would recommend at least the Personal Membership option because the Starter at 7 days may not be enough time to get all your questions in. You can renew, but you have to get the next level up at least as the Starter is not renewable.

The other two buttons “WordPress $10” and “Joomla $10” are for the single purchase options. However, when choosing, make sure you select the right version for yourself because the WordPress $10 is only for the WordPress version of that theme, likewise for the Joomla option.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you click on the right choice because if you buy the WordPress version but later realizing you wanted the Joomla one, there is no Refunds – you will need to make another purchase.

You Have the Choice of a Membership

You do not need to buy a single theme, so the membership option is still going to stay. If you are not sure which direction to go, here is a quick pro’s and con’s of the membership…

Advantages of a Membership

  • You get FULL SUPPORT as long as you keep your membership active
  • You get access to ALL WordPress themes and Joomla Templates
  • You get access to ALL NEW themes released during your active membership
  • You get a variety of membership choices from 7 days to 1 full year
  • The cost per theme is actually a lot less the longer your membership term goes
  • You get access to any theme updates during your active membership

Disadvantages of a Membership

  • Not everyone likes a commitment of a membership term
  • Memberships and Pricing can change without notice
  • The terms of use can also change without notice during your membership

A NEW Support Membership Option

To compliment the single theme purchase option, and because this does not have support, I have added a new support membership to the list of other membership offerings. The “Support Membership” is a special offer for anyone who buys a single theme but later decides they want support, you simply register and sign up for the “Support Membership” option. This has no access to themes but it does give you access to “Direct Personalized Email Support“. It lasts for 30 days so you will have enough time to setup your new theme and ask any support questions you may have during this time. It is renewable so if you need more than a month, log into this site and renew your membership. You also have the option to upgrade to a full theme membership as well.

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