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The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Amnesty International, and Carnegie are some of the more famous nonprofit organizations out there. The work they do they do is tremendous. The same can be said for the 1.6 million nonprofit organizations that are out there, and what separates them from those mentioned is that they’re not well known. Our online solution is aimed in making you more visible. Let us show you how this is done.

Responsive Design

A responsive design helps nonprofit organizations in a single way – outreach. Almost everyone today has a cellphone while others work with a tablet. A responsive design allows those individuals to reach your website from anywhere and from any device, after all, expressing your nonprofit’s mission to anyone who’s willing to listen is what keeps that mission going.

User-Friendly Design

A user-friendly design is essential for nonprofit websites for a few reasons.

  • A user-friendly design helps load our online solution quickly and efficiently. Web users are more likely to stay at a website if they see it load up fast and without problems.
  • A user-friendly design intertwines itself with responsive design. The more people who see your website load without problems is more than likely to stay and see more.

Search Engine Optimization and Nonprofit Organizations

Search engine optimization is essential for nonprofit organizations. Our online solution has all its T’s crossed and its I’s dotted, and that makes it more visible on major search engines. More visibility means more people will be aware of your organization and its mission.

Designed for Gaining Resources

Getting the word out to the public about your organization is good, but, a nonprofit organization cannot continue unless it has the resources to do so. Our online solution is designed so that it encourages visitors to speak with you or your representatives or even donate their time and money.

How Our Web Design Team Works with Nonprofit Organizations

There are a few but straight forward steps we follow when working with you and other nonprofit organizations.

  • Communication is important in any project period. For nonprofit organizations, communication is a necessity as its mission and goals need to be understood. We start off by speaking with you, and as we get to know one another and plan we will understand what your organization means so we can reflect that on our online solution.
  • There are a few goals we strive for when designing your site. The first being that it captures the message of your organization. The second being that people can navigate through and use our online solution easily. Most importantly, we don’t move forward until you are happy with the design itself.
  • Develop – We build our online solution through the number one content management system out there – WordPress. This allows us to get our online solution up and running quickly. It also makes maintaining it easy as it is very organized and very user friendly. We do not deploy until you see it and approve it.
  • The site goes live.

One More Thing …

We can’t promise that your organization will be as famous as some of the big nonprofits out there, but we can promise to get you noticed. Give us a call today to learn how we can help you and your nonprofit succeed.