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In my last post I wrote about how I was changing up some of the things that I’ve been doing. In addition to going into full-time internet marketing, I’ve also picked up two fairly large internet projects. One of them is called Advid Nation for which I will be doing a hefty amount of internet marketing.

The company, started last year (2010) by a good friend of mine named Jeremy Jones, is a video based social media website like YouTube, but which pays users for their content. I’m excited about the idea, because I think it has a lot of merit. Having known Jones for a long time, we met up last week to talk about me coming on board to help with the marketing side of things, since, after all, that is my expertise 🙂

I will admit though, marketing a social network is a different animal entirely than marketing small businesses which is what my company focuses on. It is even different than marketing a normal website where SEO is can usually make a huge difference. I’m having to rack my brain and go back to the drawing board in order to come up with ideas that will help make this site go viral rather than to the top Google. But of course, like any good entrepreneur, I’m up for the challenge!

So how do you market a social network? Here are my thoughts as I begin to dive into this project. (Of course I can’t go into great depth because of contracts and of conflict of interest, but for my internet marketing comrades out there, I wanted to give a brief outline that might be helpful.)

  • Twitter – In my mind, Twitter is by far the fastest way of communicating with the world outside of commandeering control of every major news nation simultaneously. This makes it a vital part of my strategy when it comes to promoting another social network since people need to find out about it, and quickly. Several months ago I was privileged to watch a webinar from StomperNet featuring Perry Belcher on social media. The guy had something like 100,000 followers within six months and was one of the most influential tweeters at the time before he bowed out of the scene. I plan to put his tactics to use here.
  • Market Leaders – Though I didn’t read the whole book, I think this was the idea behind The Purple Cow. Basically, the idea is this, finding and convincing leaders is generally easier than convincing the masses. Convert the leaders and let them do the work for you. Of course, this tactic will likely take some time, but I think it’ll be highly effective if carried out. Social networks like Facebook will be key in getting in touch with these leaders.
  • SEO – Even though the nature of the website almost makes SEO irrelevant, I’ve found a handful of keywords that may help to jump the traffic. The idea here is to help people solve problems through the use of the website. For example, internet marketers like myself want more exposure for our companies and Advid is another place to get that exposure both by videos and through buying targeted ads. So the goal here would be to create content around solving people’s issues and then to use the linking structure of the ever growing site to direct “link juice” the appropriate pages in order to get them ranked. Right now I’m trying to find the problems or issues that people are having that are most related to YouTube or other video providers. Figured that’d be a good place to start.
  • Email Marketing – Hopefully, I’ll apply the traditional no-brainer email marketing tactics as well. I’m toying with a few ideas: Video of the Day, Top # List, Admin Favorites, etc. – And of course forwarding and social media share buttons are a must! Not too much flashy stuff here but just the stuff that has proven to work over and over again.

So there are some of the ideas that I have here as I’m just getting started on this project. Let me know what you think good or bad. Anything you would do differently?

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  1. […] – The third and final project that I have picked up in the last few weeks, AdvidNation is a video based social networking site. While it is currently live, it is undergoing a major design overhaul. My role with this project will be to help with the marketing. I plan to rely heavily on Twitter and use it as the main focus of marketing the site. Thanks to a great video I got almost two years ago by the now infamous Perry Belcher, I have a pretty solid plan for making things happen with Twitter. Other ideas surrounding my plans for AdvidNation can be found on my personal blog here […]

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