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How Do I Advertise My Business Online?

This is a very common question for local business owners these days. The statistics are everywhere about how many people do local searches online and how the number has been skyrocketing over the last few years. Any business owners that are unconvinced that the internet is here to stay needs only to look at some of these statistics to see the trends.

But of course looking at the statistics only gives us a reason to market but doesn’t help us much with the “how.” So with that, here are some of the steps that I take when I start a new website to get it set up for SEO success. Be sure to sign up for my newsletter for more!

Part 1 (Getting Set Up and Indexed)
1) Do keyword research to determine what words I want to rank for that will bring in a decent amount of traffic quickly
2) Buy a domain from
3) Set up Content Management System (CMS)
4) Create 5 200-300 word posts as quickly as possible. (I schedule the posts to post automatically over the next two days if I write them all the same day.)
5) Socially Bookmark the site using 3 sites (doesn’t matter which)
6) Set up RSS Feeds with Feedburner

Part 2 (Getting Traction)
1) Write an article and submit it to
2) Search for industry web directories and submit the site to them
3) Find a few forums that I can join relative to the topic and start conversing
4) Submit the blog to RSS directories
5) Submit site to dozens of social bookmarking sites

Part 3 (Keyword Research for Article Titles)
1) Find several relevant keywords that have little to no competition
2) Narrow down this list to keyword terms that would work as article titles
3) Carefully craft these articles around my marketing funnel and post them to the site
4) Link to these articles from the home page

Part 4 (Link Building)
1) Continue to post in forums
2) Post comments on relevant, industry related blog posts
3) Seek out competitors’ back links and obtain as many as possible
4) Seek out opportunities to get link and get them!

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Matt is a marketer and WordPress expert. Founder of Scepter, Matt oversees the larger web dev projects for the company. Seeing innovative ideas come to life is his passion, and therefore he pushes Scepter ahead to help our customers bring their projects to life.

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