Looking for the Greatest Leverage

Give me the place to stand, and I shall move the earth – Archimedes

Over the last few weeks I’ve been thinking a lot about the concept of leverage. Being blessed to live in a (mostly) free nation, there is a near-infinite amount of opportunities that I could build a business around. With the internet, those opportunities are multiplied all the more while the ease and cost of entry is significantly lowered. So my question over the last few weeks has been in terms of what I could do that would yield the most results overall. Since I don’t think in terms of success = money only, I am in search for the idea that will give me the greatest leverage to achieve all types of success I seek. Here are some of the questions I’m asking myself as I think through the direction to take my company over the rest of the year.

  1. What allows me to create the most jobs in my home town of Lansing?
  2. What problems, when solved, will likely yield the greatest influence that I can use to do good?
  3. What types of relationships will be created and are they maintainable?
  4. How quickly can the idea become effective?
  5. How many people can be reached with the idea?
  6. How much money can be made?

Doing something online is a must, since it offers greater leverage over any off-line businesses in the shear amount of people that can be reached and the speed with which problems can be solved. They are also a different type of problem than those in the offline world in that they mostly deal with information rather than tangible products or services.

That being said, a the more “tasks” involved in any given project generally means the more people it will take to pull it off which means the more people I can hire if the business is profitable. After thinking it through, I’ve realized that I’ve come full circle to an idea I had in ’09 that birthed my company in the first place. The concept was to empower people to make an income by helping small businesses grow using the internet. And that’s what Scepter Marketing is all about. By the end of this week, I should have launched ScepterMarketing.NET – a portal where anyone can make a commission by selling Scepter’s marketing services to businesses around the country.

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