I’ve been feeling a bit nostalgic as we near the benchmark of 100 days left in 2012. The year is flying by, and in memory I look back to 2010 when I first attempted to start making a living by doing something online.

I had initially started a website with which I was going to catalog my rise to success in 100 days. In fact, the domain name I bought was, OnlineSuccessin100Days.com. My goal was to figure out how to make quick cash online, make a cool $25,000 and retire from my job so I could “be free” to do whatever I wanted.

Not only did I not hit my goal of $25,000, I didn’t make a single dollar, and I didn’t even finish all 100 days of blogging. About the only thing I did consistently was keep dreaming.

Over the last two years I’ve been a busy bee and have started a handful of projects that are all in various stages:

  • Scepter Marketing – My first masterpiece in which I set up an internet marketing company to help small businesses and/or my own business or partnerships. I’ve been through three sales people, three web designs, and about the same amount of business models trying to figure out what works the best. Currently Scepter Marketing mostly creates small websites for individuals and companies.
  • MarketerMatt (Twitter link) – My own personal brand complete with a handful of splendid avatars – I have this blog that you are reading and as well as several social media profiles. I’ve made several attempts at beginning to learn to develop websites, and will be doing so again… but I get ahead of myself.
  • There is a Theme for That – My latest, most fun website that I started making money on by accident back in April of this year (2012). The site has grown to have an Alexa rank of just over 160k and averages about 3,000 visitors/mo. I am developing some relationships with some theme providers and have quite a lot of plans around this site. I’m particularly excited about this site since it is purely web based meaning that I don’t make anything, sell anything, meet face to face with anyone, or have to do any traditional business things like invoice people or find clients. It’s all about good, quality content, the basics of SEO, and having fun doing what I do best – organizing and arranging stuff.
  • The Scepter Network – As I just got done saying, I like to categorize, organize, arrange, and plan things. This site is my own personal showcase of projects that I’m working on along with very sporadic updates. If I get a new idea that I start working on, I list it here so you can go there if you are curious about any of my other projects.
I also developed a few partnerships along the way:
  • Shane Strong – A buddy of mine from Lansing that is a way better developer than I am and who graciously helps me with lots of my WordPress problems when I can’t figure them out.
  • Get Rooted – A discipleship curriculum developed by Jerome of Soundsgood to help make sure today’s Christian youth are
  • Hack Lansing – A meetup that I started for grpahic designers, developers, and internet marketers in Lansing.
  • GES Nutrition – My friend Kelly that started her own blog and is doing her fitness thing.

Beyond these few sites, you’ll probably remember a handful of other websites and/or partnerships that I’ve been involved in over the last two years including:

  • The Sponsor Group, The Sponsoring System, Aisle19 Power Team, etc. – These are the beginnings of my plans to use the web to generate leads for network marketing companies via the web.
  • B-Dealer.com – A website built to help automobile dealers network and sell cars to each other via the web.
  • ConnectOrange – A local business directory for Lansing, MI that also listed coupons.
  • IAmLansing – A new outlet for Lansing news, events, businesses, politics, and all the rest.
  • TXTMEPLZ – A text message based site for people to sign up for various coupons, deals, or info based via SMS
  • Small Business Trainings – A website based around helping small business owners learn how to run better businesses covering everything from marketing to accounting to time management to the internet.
  • GrocerEx – A website for local grocery delivery.
  • The Market Blend – A website teaching people how to make money online (once I figured it out myself !).
  • Pioneer Lending – A start-up company put together by Jeremy Jones to help other start-ups get the financial backing they needed to start a company.
  • AdVidNation – A website that allowed users to get paid to watch advertisements + a social network.

And I think that just about wraps up all of the projects that I’ve been working on for the last 2 years. Most of them remain good ideas, but I’ve found that I still have a thing or two to learn about time management.

I’ve also gotten off the “Magic Bullet” bandwagon. I used to get sucked in to all of these internet marketing gurus who would claim to teach me how to make $1,538 in 27 days using some technique a guy named Butch discovered after being homeless for 7 months that made him rich.

I did the smart thing and went and got a job so that I could pay for my business and things are going better than they ever have.

So for these last 100 days of 2012, I’m going to take a slightly different approach. I’m going to focus on being consistent with the little things – going through a coding tutorial a day, keeping up with my tweeting, adding themes to ThereisaThemeforThat.com, and blogging on my various sites.

I’m guessing these 100 days will be much more profitable than they were 2 years ago. I’ll keep you posted!

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