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At Scepter, we only care about one thing – getting you more leads and more business. Our goal is to bring you at least a 2x return on your money. No games. No BS. Just results.

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Our services for handymen include:


Having a Yellow Page ad and a flier on a few bulletin boards won’t cut it anymore. Having your own website is critical to getting you more leads and more business. If you’re not on the web, you are pretty much invisible to today’s customers. We’re not interested in making you a fancy websites that costs you an arm and a leg but doesn’t actually bring you business. We create websites that offer results.

Our websites are built to do two things: Make you look like a professional and turn visitors into leads.


Web Advertising

These days, even if you live in a small town, your neighbors are turning to the internet to find Handyman services. One of the ways we get your phone ringing is through web advertising. We run website ads on sites like Google or Facebook on your behalf to get in front of customers in your local area that need your services.

Again, our goal is to get you at least a 2x return on your money. We have skilled technicians that will do all of the research, set up, and execution of ad campaigns to bring you more leads. We do it all behind the scenes so you can focus on your business.


Local Online Advertising

People look for a handymen in a number of places. A lot of people use Google, but other sites such as Yelp, FourSquare, Super Pages, and Yahoo are also visited regularly by lots of potential customers. We make sure you get listed anywhere and everywhere that matters so wherever your would-be customers are looking for you, they’ll find you!


Our Secret Sauce

Anyone can make a website. Anyone can run some ads or get you listed. But those things in themselves do not get you results. Our “secret sauce” is our proven strategies for putting all of these pieces together in a way that gets you those results. Our goal is to help you dominate your local market so that you get in front of people near you who are looking for a handyman and the services that you offer.

So if you’re ready to get some results for your business, give us a call at 517-292-3199 or fill out the form on this page.