Scepter’s Local Email Marketing Co-Op Program can help you reach literally thousands of potential new customers in your local area. Learn all about how your company can participate in the Network below…

Local Email Marketing Co-Op Program

Let’s face it, everything is moving to the web and that includes marketing. The Yellow Pages, the newspaper, and even radio and television just don’t give the bang for the buck that they used to and they still cost boat loads of money. Well, what if you could reach thousands of customers in your local area starting this month for less than the cost of most phone book ads?

Here’s how this works…

We take a few dozen businesses in a local area that want to participate in the Local Email Co-Op Program who already have an email databases of real customers. We then send out one email per month to each company’s database of subscribers from that company (so it’s not SPAM) promoting all of the other deals, discounts, and happenings in their city!

This cooperative, cross marketing gets all of the businesses who participate in the co-op email program incredible exposure! And the whole process ads a great value to companies current subscribers because everyone loves a great deal!

Not to mention that we at Scepter we will be constantly collecting emails from local consumers who are saying, “Please send me emails about all kinds of deals, discounts, and fun stuff to do in my city!” When you sign up for our Local Email Marketing Co-Op Program, you will get access to these customers as well!

And don’t worry about giving your customer list to the competition! At Scepter, we segment your local area into groups of non-competing businesses. For example, a new car dealership will not be placed on the same co-operative email as another car dealership but will be paired up with a group of businesses that are not in the same industry such as restaurants, a few different contractors, a hair salon, and a stadium. This way, we still get each business great exposure without giving away customers to your competition!

If you are ready to join the dozens of other businesses that are already participating to get exposure to thousands of local companies, click here to contact Scepter about placement! Or, explore the links below to see how you can get even more exposure for your business.

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