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Back in April I wrote a blog post that made me $75 for the month of April comparing a few WP themes together and giving my opinion on which was the best. Since then, the site has grown to have over 4,000 visitors per day and has made nearly $10,000 for the affiliate companies that I refer traffic and buyers too.

Yesterday, I launched the latest version of this website with several new features, a new design, and high hopes that it will quickly become a household name in the WP community.

But, it’s not easy to break into the WordPress space. With nearly nearly 200 companies/sites that produce themes alone, it’s a pretty competitive niche, but that’s because when you win, you win big. Rumor has it that WordPress now boasts to power 17% of all the sites on the internet. (How they calculate that I have no idea). Needless to say, the community is HUGE and is growing with more and more new sites opting to use WordPress rather than one if it’s less popular competitors or straight HTML/CSS.

Knowing this, my team and I have brought together over 1500 themes (and counting) from over 100 different theme makers, designers, and companies all into one convenient location that is well organized, up to date, and easily searchable.

I’m proud of the new site after having put months of effort into it. You can check it out here: There is a Theme for That

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