Keeping it Simple in 2012

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While I wrote about this from a business perspective on my company blog, I felt like expanding on this here as well as updating my readers on what’s going on with me in 2012, where I’m headed in life and in business, and what they can expect from this blog going forward.

Generally, I plan about a million things for myself to get accomplished for my New Year’s resolutions. I write out every book I want to read, other self-improvement tasks such as learning languages, attending seminars or trainings, vacations I want to take, the amount of money I’d like to make and how I’d like to make it. But this year, I’m taking a different approach. I’m keeping things simple. Here is my simple, short list of resolutions for the New Year.


  • Abide in God – I’ve learned a lot over the last few years about doctrine and the law of God. This year as I continue to study, I want to also put an emphasis on getting to know God on a more personal level in the day to day moments of life.
  • Esse Quam Videri – To be, rather than to appear to be. I want to be myself… all the time. I’ve grown much stronger in recent years, but there are still times when I get caught up in thinking about how I should act or could act to the neglect of the situation itself. I want to continue to work on this in 2012.
  • Disciplined Work – God is good, and business is going well (as I’ll get to in a moment). This is no time to pull back or to cease being diligent. On the contrary, I need to persist in the disciplined attitude I’ve had in starting the year. I have a few big projects that I’m working and, God willing, if I am diligent and patient the projects will pay off.
  • Keep Things Simple – Love God and obey His commands, work hard, be yourself, and enjoy life.

For me this is a short list. And in the spirit of keeping things simple, I’ll be brief in this next section:

What I Expect in 2012:

I have a couple of projects that I’m working on which are growing more and more exciting. One of them is which is still in Beta but is live and may very well be the best looking site in Lansing thanks our lead graphic designer Eric. I’m working on a few more features that will hopefully be rolled out by the end of February at the latest. There is much more to tell with the network of other Lansing-based sites that I plan on rolling out, but it’s too much for this post. I’ll probably be doing a press release and another post on ConnectOrange as things progress.

I’m also fortunate to have the opportunity with working with some friends on other projects as well including selling some stuff on Amazon, a website exclusively for car dealers, and a magazine. In addition to these projects, I have simplified the offerings of my company to include only things that 1) we are good at and 2) that I enjoy doing. We are removing many of our marketing services and transitioning to use ConnectOrange and the rest of our Lansing-based network of sites as our primary marketing offerings rather than link building and social media. This will definitely be a win-win for everyone!

Outside of business, things are looking promising as well. I’ve been thinking and praying about where I can get more involved with a church community around town and a few options have presented themselves. I’m excited about these possibilities as well even though I’m not entirely sure what I’ll be doing yet. I know that I want to work towards building a genuine community of Christians who work together to solve community problems. I have a few ideas, but for now I’m in a holding pattern as I explore the options before me.

Lastly, I should mention that I’m changing up the course of this blog. I’m taking a more simple approach to it as well. I’m just going to write about all the things that are me. The name will still be, but it will come to be a place where my voice can be heard on a multitude of issues, not just marketing. I’ve been considering jumping back into writing about Church related issues, theology, and politics among other things. So while this blog has been aimed at mostly marketing related topics, you can expect a shift as I subject you to whatever thoughts are rolling around in my head as the year goes on.

So with that, I wish you a great 2012, and I’ll catch you on the flipside.

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