Introduction to the Template Settings

After you install the Visionary template, you will want to go to the template settings:

  1. Extensions >> Template Manager
  2. Click on the Visionary template
  3. Review the template information on the left and the settings on the right
  4. To close the window out, click CLOSE in the upper right.

A Variety of Template Settings

You will notice this template offers a lot of colour settings which gives you a lot more control over how your site will look. Ultimately you have almost an unlimited number of colour combinations you can do with Visionary, giving you full customization control.

With each colour option, you click on it and a nice popup colour selector displays and lets you choose your own colours; no need to learn HEX colour values, as it will put this into the field for you.

Most of the template settings are colour based but there are a few for other elements in your site you can control.

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