Part 1 – Introduction to the Showcase and the Content Slideshow

This theme now offers the user two choices for their Showcase area of both the Front Page and site pages. By default, the theme loads with the Showcase Text Widget option enabled which means you can add a static image to the Showcase Widget position.

There are many settings for this group of showcase options, so I will split the setup into three separate tutorials, with this one giving you a brief overview of the theme settings associated with both.

Choosing the Showcase Widget or the Content Slideshow

The Visionary theme offers two options with the Showcase Widget loading by default. This option is available for “all” pages of your site and by installing and using the Widget Logic plugin, you can manage different showcase images across every page, post, category, and any other section that you apply WordPress Conditionals to the widget. This option is basically for more static based content, and although it’s used for images, you can publish text content there or even a media widget…if it provides flexibility for positioning it there.

The other option is the Content Slideshow. This is a customized content slider that lets you have up to 5 rotating sets of images with text based content which changes on select intervals of time – default is 6000 milliseconds (6 seconds). This slideshow has a lot of customization settings to give you more options for styling the overall look and size of your displaying image and content. More on this in the other setup tutorials.

The screenshot below shows the start of the Showcase and Slideshow settings, but only shows a small portion of the overall choices available to you.


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