How to use the Custom Text Widget without Title

Thanks to for the “Better Text Widget” because it was definitely a big help and made it easier to add an extra field to allow a person to use a text widget but with one modification that I added. The problem is that WordPress refuses to make things easier such as having he ability to turn on or off the Widget titles. There are too many times a widget is required to not have a title display on the front-end of your site; there is no function for this. So, finding this great custom widget from, I decided this was the closest I can get and just needed to add another title field and then edit some of it’s code so that the person has the option to have a title show or not to show.


How to Use the Custom Text without Title Widget

  1. Drag a Text Without Title widget to the position this will go into
  2. Add a title to the first field for the admin side only
  3. If you need a title on the front, you can add it to the next field, otherwise you can leave it empty
  4. Add your content to the main text field
  5. Click SAVE

A Few Tips and Tricks to Consider

Here are a few options to consider when using this widget:

  1. If you plan to have a title on the front of your site, you can use the standard WordPress text widget
  2. If you need a custom title for the front-end of your site but a different title for the admin side, this widget is ideal.
  3. You can still add html code to the text field, just like the standard text widget

Using the Custom Image and Text Widget

This theme also has one other customized widget that is based on this one but it has a few more functional features which may benefit you if you plan to add an image and/or post or page excerpts. You can read more about this new widget on the other tutorial for Image and Text.

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