How to get rid of the sample content on install

When you first install this theme, it will put sample content in certain places:

  • top corner of your page
  • Right column widget
  • bottom widgets

Example content that will display on the front page is the bottom widgets group:


Getting rid of any sample content is done by dragging the first widget to those positions. Once you do that, it replaces the existing content for your own. If you want it totally gone without having to post a widget, you have some coding, or I should say, some “decoding” to do with the theme files. This will depend on what sample content you want to completely remove without using your own widgets.

Removing the Bottom Widget Group

These steps will remove the default bottom widget content:

  1. Go to theCorporate3 >> LIB >> INCLUDES >> bottomwidgets.php
  2. Open the file and remove the following code that you see below:

<!– remove bottom widgets –>
<div class=”four”>
<h3>Built For WordPress 3 </h3>
<p>The Corporate 3 is based on the older and original Corporate theme but has been completely redesigned and redeveloped for the new WordPress version 3.0 and begins a new phase for creating more professional themes.<br>
<div class=”four”>
<h3>Dynamic Width Widgets </h3>
<p>The Corporate 3 now has dynamic widgets that automatically resize based on how many you publish side-by-side. The widget area you see here has 4 widgets published and have automatically resized with equal spacing.<br>
<div class=”four”>
<h3>Theme Style Settings</h3>
<p>Style your new website or blog with the built-in control panel which offers several settings to manage how your site will look, including colours, logo, type styles, showcase settings, Google, and other standard features people use.<br>
<div class=”four last”>
<h3>WP Shortcodes</h3>
<p>The latest trend now with WordPress themes is to take advantage of &quot;<strong>shortcodes&quot;</strong> which are like mini-templates that you copy &amp; paste into your page or post without without having to mess with too much HTML coding.<br>
<div class=”clearboth”></div>
<!– remove to here –>

Removing the Welcome to the Corporate 3 Widget

  1. Open theCorporate3 >> index.php
  2. Find the code you see below and remove everything you see there

<!– demo content –>
<div class=”widget”>
<h3>Welcome To The Corporate 3</h3>
Welcome to the Corporate 3 Theme for WordPress which marks a new phase in theme development for me. Corporate 3 moves into a new phase of design and development with cleaner and more professional looking concepts for power bloggers and serious businesses wanting to stand out with the popular WordPress blogging platform and is built for WP 3.0.

Remove the Top Corner Caption

  1. Open theCorporate3 >> header.php
  2. Find this code that you see below and remove everything you see there

This top caption area is ideal for helping you provide the user with extra information or perhaps adding a description to each page.

QUICK NOTE: Future themes will have a control panel setting to disable “all” sample content.

Why Is there Sample Content Anyway?

Some will ask this but I’ve had people in the past say it would be nice to have some sample content in place when they first install a theme so that it doesn’t appear totally blank. However, I realized that there may be times you don’t want “any” widget to show of your own or sample content, so there needs to be a way to disable this as an option. I plan to implement this in the next theme so you don’t have to open up files to remove code.

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