How to Avoid Learning Bad SEO

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I remember when I first started learning the ins and outs of SEO a couple of short years ago. Anyone starting to study SEO will quickly learn the basics of SEO which can basically be stated in two rules:

To get higher rankings you need to…

  1. Optimize your website for Google, Bing, and other search engines
  2. Build links to your website

That is the bottom line of SEO. However, there is a ton of information out there that is just plain fallacious, usually because it’s old. In case you didn’t know, we now live in the 21st century where things (especially web-related things) can literally change over night. This is even more true of the SEO arena. Outdated methods and techniques can waste your time and even do damage to your rankings. So all that to say, make sure that you get up to date information about SEO before you start working on optimizing your site or getting those links!

Here are a few quick guidelines that I follow for staying up to date on SEO:

  1. Don’t bother to read anything SEO related that is over 2 years old. I don’t care if it has 3,000 re-tweets and likes on Facebook! I won’t waste my time.
  2. Learn from the top SEOs that you can. There are some companies that know their SEO stuff and other ones that don’t. Here’s a hint, if a company ranks highly for a term like “seo” they are obviously, in the nature of the case, knowledgeable about what they are talking about! Personally, I stay away from companies or blogs that have an Alexa traffic ranking of less than 500,000. If they aren’t getting traffic to their site, how are they going to help you get traffic to yours?

And lastly, here’s a great video that will help to blow away some of the bad information you’ve probably already received:

What is Google’s Page Rank Good For? from SEOmoz

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