How do I use the Image and Text Widget?

New to the Corporate 3 theme is the addition of two widgets with the primary focus of allowing “no title” to be published to the front-end because WordPress has still yet to implement this ability. Not every one wants to have titles displayed on the front of their site but at the same time they need to know what the widget is in the back-end by use of a title. Right now the only methods with WordPress is to leave the title field blank or to use css to display: none on the title (not really a good idea) although it shows in the source code, some search engines may see this as hiding stuff:

  • Image and Text
  • Custom Text without Title

What is special about these two widgets is that I made a couple modifications a widget (Better Text Widget) originally from Brass Blogs, so Special thanks to for their customized text widget which I modified for the Corporate theme. This is what both widgets look like after my modifications:

theme-image-text-widget   theme-text-widget-no-title

What I did was to create an extra title field to accomplish two things:

  • Provide users with an easier text widget with the ability to make adding an image to the widget without needing to code html
  • Provide users with the ability to not publish a widget title on the front-end but have a title for the admin area

Using the Image and Text Widget

This particular widget makes it easier to add an image to your content within a text widget without the need of any html coding, like:

<img src=”your image link here” height=”100″ width=”100″ alt=”your image description here” />

  1. Drag an Image and Text widget to the widget position you are going to publish this to;
  2. Put in a title for the Admin to see only;
  3. Put in a title for the front-end, but only if you want a title to show, otherwise leave it blank;
  4. Paste the absolute url (full image link) to your image;
  5. If you are linking the image, add your link in the next field;
  6. Add an ALT image description;
  7. If your text content is to be an excerpt from a post or page, put the ID into the field;
  8. If not using an excerpt, type your own in the next field…remember this is still a text widget;
  9. If you are using Widget Logic to manage where this widget is to be seen in your site, add the conditional tag to the field **you need the widget logic plugin to do this
  10. Click SAVE

One important note about this image and text widget, is that the image will always be first, followed by the text content. If you need the image to be below or in another position, you can either use a standard text widget and layout your own code within it, or you can use css to position the image.

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