Headed To The Stars

A lot can happen in 5 months. It was 5 months ago that I started my company Scepter Marketing. Since then we’ve been helping clients, some paid, some underpaid, doing whatever we can do to sharpen our skills and get things rolling. It feels like right now I’m on the precipice looking over into the promised land, and I’m feeling up the challenge. The business model has switched around several times from when it was first birthed in 2009, but we’ve settled on a path that looks promising to all.

It’s coming to that time where I really have to put my axe to the grind and get some stuff done. New clients are coming in, friends are taking interest, our website is about to break into the top SERPs, and the spotlight is on me. All of the training in business that I’ve gone through for the last 7 years, including two years of business leadership school through one of the top business leadership courses in the country, and all the long hours I’ve put into my company are all climaxing at this point. It’s like the rocket has been ignited, the boosters are blazing, and even the onlookers can feel the heat. I’m past the point of no return, and I’m headed into orbit.

I know that the ride will be a little bumpy and the pressure will threaten to collapse my very being. But still I calmly carry out the necessary tasks to move the business forward. Is it scary? Yeah, when someone calls you up to tell you that they are trusting you with their business and their livelihood, or when your friends vouch for your character and integrity – that stuff is heavy. But I refuse to collapse under the weight.

In just a short while we’ll be out in orbit shining as bright as the stars and we’ll hardly be able to fathom where we’ve come from. From that vantage point, our current struggles will look so distant and so small compared to the largeness of what we will be accomplishing at the point. Don’t get me wrong, we will continue our training and will continue our fight, but it will be on a totally different level. Once you taste the sweetness of a dream fulfilled you don’t abandon it! You embrace it and you dream bigger. You live and move on a completely different level. You’ve already one once, now it’s time to build for legacy, for posterity. Once you leave that place where you were so comfortable before, you will never be comfortable there again. The only choice is onward and upward, “farther up and farther in.”

And that’s where I will be soon, God willing of course. For now though, I can feel the power of the rocket shaking every fiber of my being as I start to propel upwards towards the clouds. There’s no turning back, and I wouldn’t dream of it anyway. I’m scared, but I’m excited, because I was born for this…

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